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Pump and motors sales, service and installations including:

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week availability and emergency service
  • Highly skilled and trained technical staff, with years of experience in the pump, control, and irrigation industry
  • Complete crane service
  • Fully stocked warehouse, with specific equipment, to meet your needs
  • Design and manufacturer of nationally recognized testing laboratory listed custom control panels
  • Fully equipped, in-house machine and fabrication shop
  • In-house pump, motor repair, and motor rewind facility with state of the art testing equipment


Fountains provide aeration for lakes and keep the water clean. Oceans and natural lakes are able to thrive because they have mass circulation that allows them to transfer oxygen into their system. It is this circulation and oxygen transfer that has allowed these bodies of water to stay healthy. Lakes and ponds don’t have that great circulation and are unable to maintain fresh, clean water.

With fountains the circulation is provided and these bodies of water can thrive and live. Not only are the fountains beautifully displayed but they are also functional.

Power Savings

through Variable Speed Drive Pump Systems

Water pumping systems are designed to supply the maximum demand of the system in which they are installed. However, quite often the demand for water can vary and be much less then the system is designed for in capacity.

For example, on a conventional pump system, a throttling valve in the system piping normally handles these conditions. The pressure drops across a control valve and other factors cause an energy loss/

A Variable Frequency Drive eliminates the need for a control valve because speed and output of the pump are electrically controlled to match the water demand.

The variable speed drive system operates much like the cruise control in your car as it is traveling down the road with the cruise control set at 60 MPH. When the car approaches a hill the motor speed must increase using more fuel to maintain 60 MPH and correspondingly will slow down using less fuel going down the opposite side of the hill. When the water demand is reduced in a booster pump system the pressure begins to rise and the Variable Frequency Drive slows the speed of the electric pump motor therefore control ling operating pressure at the desired point.

When the speed of the electric motor is lowered, the required horsepower is reduced translating into power savings in electric consumption.

Design, sales, installation and service of all types of pumping, motor, and mechanical equipment of installations for commercial entities including:

  • Golf Courses
  • Hospitals
  • Condominiums
  • Industrial Plants
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Commercial Irrigation Pump Systems
  • Municipalities
  • A/C Pumping Systems

Sullivan Electric & Pump, providing the best in:

Design Consultation Support, Feasibility Studies, Water Efficiency Studies, Water Resource Management, System Design, Water Re-Use, Water Filtration, Water Storage and Transfer Systems, Lake Refill Systems and Fountains, Proactive Maintenance Programs, Preventative Maintenance, System Upgrades, Service Agreements, Variable Frequency Drives, AC Motors, DC Motors, Rewind, Dip and Bake, Motor Bearing Replacement, Vertical Hollow Shaft, Turbine Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Machine Shop, Welding Services, Control Panels, Pump Repair and Replacement, Lightning Protection, Transient Surge Protection, Bearing Housing Repair, Shaft Repair, Motor Service Comparison Test, Dynamic Balancing

Sullivan Electric & Pump equipment is independently inspected and meets the qualifications for Intertek certification.

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